Translation of manuals and drug inserts

Drug and chemical product inserts include information on a certain drug, cosmetic product, or agricultural product: the name of the drug, its composition, its use, dosage information, warnings, and possible side effects.

When translating a drug insert, it is essential to have in-depth knowledge of the subject, to have read up on the subject area in advance, and to express oneself accurately, as the health of the people who will consume the medicine in question is at stake. The same is true for manuals: from how a certain cell phone or pressure cooker works to how a ride is installed in a theme park.

At Aguaclara, we have translated drug inserts for cosmetic laboratories such as Atache, technical datasheets on fertilizers for Zotal Labs, IVF clinic procedures, and instructions to install a ride at the Terra Mítica Amusement Park.