Sworn translations

Done by sworn translators appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

What is a sworn translation?

Sworn translation services are an official translation service that can only be performed by a sworn translator/interpreter certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Sworn translations are also usually valid abroad.

Sworn translations are legally valid before official bodies. The sworn translator is responsible for the correctness and accuracy of the translation’s contents.

These translations are always issued on paper as they must include the translation, a sworn certification, a stamp on which the TIJ number (Sworn Translator/Interpreter number) must appear, the translator’s signature, and copies of the translated documents.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most organizations and entities in Spain allow these documents to be presented with an electronic signature and they even sometimes accept them simply scanned.

100% valid translations

We guarantee that we will deliver you a sworn translation that is fully valid on the official level. All of our translations are delivered signed and sealed by an official sworn translator registered with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We also have sworn translators registered in other countries.

What is a sworn translator?


Sworn translators, also called official translators, are the only ones authorized to translate, sign, and seal their translations – turning them into internationally valid official sworn translations. The signature and stamp of a sworn translator attests that the translation is a full and accurate copy of the accompanying original. That is the translation’s guarantee of international legal validity.

In Spain, sworn translators depend on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAEC).

Sworn translators are authorized to translate any type of document, as long as it is written in a language in which the sworn translator is authorized to work. They can translate private and public documents, civil documents, commercial documents, notarial documents, and legal/court documents.

What are the most common sworn translations?

Sworn translation of articles of incorporation, sworn translation of business bylaws, business registry information translation, sworn translation of annual accounts, sworn translation of degrees, sworn translation of academic transcripts, sworn translation of certificates, sworn translation of birth certificates, sworn translation of death certificates, sworn translation of certificates of proof of identity and marital status, sworn translation of marriage certificates, sworn translation of powers of attorney, sworn translation of criminal records, sworn translation, sworn translation of ID Cards / Alien ID Cards / Taxpayer IDs / PASSPORTS / FAMILY BOOKS / Driving Licenses, sworn translation of municipal census registration, sworn translation of medical reports, sworn translation of work certificates, sworn translation of divorce decrees, marital status certificates, and proof of identity certificates, certificates of work history, PCR tests, etc.

Sworn translation of the documentation to be submitted by civil service exam candidates.

Aguaclara Translations does sworn translations into all languages, with the most frequent being:

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