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About us

Aguaclara Translations branched off from Editorial Aguaclara – Aguaclara Libros S.L.  –a prestigious publisher in Alicante– when, with the entry of Spain into the European Union, the need for translations into all languages multiplied.

We first did translations of books for the publishing company itself and later the Agbar Group contacted us to participate in a tender process in the Italian city of Livorno which involved 20 translators. And, little by little, advertising and marketing agencies, business consultancies, attorneys, notaries, large and small companies in Spain and abroad, as well as private clients began to put their trust in us.

Special offer on sworn translations



For sworn Spanish-French and French-Spanish translations, inquire about our Express Translation Service to see if your document is among those offered. You can make payment through PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer and receive the translation the next day by courier at the address you have provided us with.

We are characterized by proximity to our customers and by being clear throughout the process.  We get 100% involved in each project and make it our own, delivering a product of utmost quality in the shortest possible timeframe. This allows us to retain our clients and translators thanks also to fair prices for all parties.

We are pioneers in translation to and from Valencian: the first book we translated was “The Purloined Letter and Other Stories”, by E. A. Poe (1993).

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