Academic translation

Both those who decide to study, do an internship, or work in another country and those who decide to return after such an experience need to have a valid and correct sworn translation of their degrees, certificates, and academic records to allow their studies to be recognized or to certify their working period.

Aguaclara translations regularly translates academic documentation like:

  • Translation of academic records from obligatory and post-obligatory secondary school and university.
  • Translation of high school diplomas and bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, PhDs, and other university degrees.
  • Sworn translation of vocational training certificates.
  • Sworn translation of internship certificates.
  • Sworn translation of professional accreditation certificates.
  • Sworn translation of certificates to verify membership in professional associations.
  • CV translation.
  • Translation of final degree projects for completing undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Translation of analyses and studies, translation of academic publications, translation of academic articles, translation of dissertations and theses.

There are certain documents whose translations do not usually have to be sworn