Cookies policy

Users are hereby warned that this website uses cookies, which are small data files that are created on users’ computers and which allow the information generated by users’ activity online to be stored. Amongst other things, cookies allow a website to store and retrieve information about users’ browsing habits and/or about their computer and, depending on the information the cookies contain and the way the computer is used, they may be used to recognize users.

This website may use the following cookies:

  •          Technical cookies

These are cookies that allow the user to browse a webpage, platform, or application, also allowing for the use of the different options or services that exist thereon – such as controlling data disclosure, identifying the session, accessing restricted parts of the site, remembering the items that make up an order, carrying out the purchase process for an order, making a request for registration or participation in an event, using security elements while browsing, storing content for the dissemination of videos or sound, and/or sharing content through social media. This type of cookies includes, among others, user-input cookies, authentication cookies, user-security cookies, media player session cookies, load-balancing session cookies, and/or add-on cookies (for plugins) to exchange social content.

  •          Personalization cookies

Personalization cookies allow users to access web services with certain predefined elements, established through a series of criteria on the user’s computer; these may include language preferences, the type of browser used to access services, the regional configuration from which the service is accessed, etc.

  •          Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies allow for the monitoring and analysis of users’ browsing behavior on our website, doing so in order to be able to create user browsing profiles to make improvements to our services based on the analysis of users’ usage data. Thus, we can know the following information: the date and time of the last visit by the user to our website, access to the content chosen by the user on his/her last visit to our website, etc.

To compile statistics on the use of our website, we use statistical tools with a scope limited to that described in the previous paragraph. We do this in order to discover the number of times our visitors return to our site and the content that is found most interesting by users. In this way, we can concentrate our efforts on improving the most visited areas of the site and make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

Aguaclara Translations may use the information from your visit to undertake assessments and statistical calculations on anonymous data, as well as to guarantee the continuity of services or for site improvements. Said information will not be used for any other purpose.

  •          Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies allow us to manage, in the most efficient way possible, the advertising spaces included on our website. We do this based on criteria such as the content in question and the frequency with which ads are displayed.

  •          Behavioral advertising cookies

Behavioral advertising cookies (also called tracking cookies) allow us to effectively manage the advertising spaces included on the site. These cookies store information on your behavior obtained through the continuous observation of your browsing habits — something which allows us to develop a specific profile on which to base the ads we show you.

This cookie type includes cookies used for the purposes of limiting sales pressure, financial login, advertising affiliation, click fraud detection, market research and analysis, product improvement and debugging, etc.

  •          Social media plugin cookies for tracking

Plugin cookies to exchange social content can be used by third parties to track people (both members and non-members of a social network), to include behavioral advertising, and/or for market analysis and research.