Terms of sale

ARTICLE 1: Orders and the contract

AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS is the business name of LUIS BONMATÍ MINGOT, whose address is c/ SONDEO, 9. BQ. III-IV. 371. 03599 ALTEA (ALICANTE).

CLIENT: A legal entity (hereinafter, the “Company”) or natural person who can be legally classified as a Consumer (hereinafter, the “Consumer”) under Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, with which AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS enters into a contract, whose purpose is the provision of translation work.

SERVICES: Translation services -sworn or not- within the context of a contract between AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS and the Client.

ARTICLE 2: Scope of application

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale constitute the only basis for the relationship between the parties.

The aim hereof is to detail the conditions under which AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS will provide the Client with the translation services included in the previous section through the AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS website.

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all the services provided by AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS to its Clients without any type of restriction or exception. By accepting the price quote sent by AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS, the Client accepts, with no reservations of any kind, the General Terms and Conditions of Sale included herein.

The Client hereby states that he/she has the necessary legal standing to hire the services offered by LUIS BONMATÍ MINGOT, doing business as AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS, whose address is c/ SONDEO, 9. BQ. III-IV. 371. 03599 ALTEA (ALICANTE).

ARTICLE 3: Orders and the contract

Option 1: Aguaclara Translations will prepare a free estimate based on the documents and directions that the Client has provided. The order will be confirmed once the client sends the signed quote, in which the service conditions will be detailed (advance payment percent, delivery time, payment date, etc.).

Quotes issued by AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS are valid for 30 days from the date of issuance.

ARTICLE 4: Rates

Prices are expressed in euros and include VAT for both individuals and companies.

Once the provision of services by AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS has finalized, the corresponding invoice will be issued and delivered to the Client.

ARTICLE 5: Terms of payment for services

The price of the services is established based on a quote that must be paid according to the conditions established therein. In the case of express translations, payment is made before starting the translation. AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS reserves the right not to provide services if payment is not made by the Client for the service contracted.

ARTICLE 6: Execution of the contract

All orders are accepted and executed exclusively by AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS.

Once the contract is signed, AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS will provide the services according to the specifications agreed with the Client in the quote.

The Client is obliged to answer the requests of AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS in terms of contributing complementary information in order to ensure the Contract’s proper execution. AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS may subcontract the work ordered by the Client to third parties.

ARTICLE 7: Contract modifications

Complementary agreements, subsequent modifications, and/or concessions made verbally by AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS are only binding from the time they have been confirmed in writing by email or postal mail by AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS.

If AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS takes into account modifications requested by the Client, these modifications may lead to the issuance of a new quote and a price adjustment.

It is hereby expressly noted that, depending on the progress of the work or in the event that it is not possible to follow through with the request for modification presented by the Client after the signing of the Contract, AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS may decide, at its own discretion, whether or not it is possible to introduce the modifications requested.

Thus, AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS is authorized to terminate the Contract without being obliged to indemnify the Client.

ARTICLE 8: Legal guarantees

Guarantees on services are offered under the legally established terms.

In the event that Clients are companies, claims for problems with the provision of services must be made in the way and in the timeframes stipulated by Commercial Code.

The liability of AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS is limited only to the services provided. Thus, the maximum liability amount of AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS is limited to the amount of the invoice or the amount estimated by the insurance company that covers its liability.

In the event that the Client considers the services provided by AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS to have any type of error or be defective, the Client will have the right to demand a review.

The Client must notify AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS directly of possible defects, which must be marked and founded. In case the claim is founded, AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS will assume responsibility and correct the error and/or defect in the order.

AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS is not responsible for errors caused by the possible ambiguous or defective wording of the source text. Ambiguity in the source text releases AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS from all liability. The Client will be responsible for any problems caused by errors in the Client’s own terminology.

The following cannot be considered errors in translations:

1. Issues of style, taste, or Client preference.

2. Errors caused by ambiguities in the source text.

3. Differences in the terminology used (unless the Client has provided a terminology list or clear information in this regard).

ARTICLE 9: Force majeure

Neither party may be held liable for a delay, defect, or error in the performance of its contractual obligations if said circumstances are due to, or caused by, force majeure. Nevertheless, the parties are obliged to notify the other party in writing if they become aware that the execution of the order will be affected by a cause of this nature.

“Force majeure” is to be understood as: floods, fires, explosions, epidemics, states of emergency, lockouts, strikes, civil disturbances, blockades, embargos, mandates, laws, orders, regulations, ordinances, demands or requests by any Government or by any subdivision or representative thereof. Likewise, force majeure is any other cause beyond the control of the parties involved, without it being understood that a lack of funds constitutes force majeure.

ARTICLE 10: Confidentiality

AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS agrees to respect the confidentiality of all the information contained in the documents provided before, during, and after the provision of the translation services. However, AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS will not be held liable if the information is intercepted or diverted by third parties during the transmission of files or documents.

ARTICLE 11: Applicable legislation – Languages

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale and any transactions stemming herefrom are to be governed by, and subject to, Spanish law.

The AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS General Terms and Conditions of Sale are written in Spanish.

ARTICLE 12: Links to other webpages

This website may contain links to third party websites or services that are not owned or controlled by AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS. We do not have control over them and AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS does not assume any liability for the content, privacy policies, or practices of third-party websites. The Client acknowledges and accepts the fact that AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS is not to be held directly or indirectly liable for any damages and/or losses caused by, or supposedly caused by, or in relation to, the use or trust of any contents, goods, or services available on or through said sites or services.

We strongly recommend that you read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of any third-party websites or services that you visit.

ARTICLE 13: Final provision

In the event of the invalidity of one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the rest of the provisions will continue to be valid.

Provisions applicable to consumers:

ARTICLE 14: Disputes

All disputes that may arise in relationship with service provision in application of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale in relationship with their validity, interpretation, execution, termination, consequences, and continuation –provided they have not been able to be resolved between AGUACLARA TRANSLATIONS and the Client in a friendly manner– must be dealt with in the Courts of Alicante.

In any event, and in accordance with Article 57 of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, the Client is hereby informed that they can turn to conflict resolution through appeal to the Consumer Arbitration System.

ARTICLE 15: Availability of the Client’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale have been expressly agreed upon and accepted by the companies, who state and acknowledge that they have been perfectly informed about the information contained herein and, consequently, will not take advantage of any contradictory documents, especially their own General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

ARTICLE 16: Policies on delivery, return, cancellation, and minimum age for purchase

The customer must be of legal age to make any purchase through our online store.

Sworn translations will be delivered by courier service to the address specified at the time of ordering (at the latest, 48 hours after notification of payment) unless the customer chooses not to receive the translation by courier and prefers to receive it by email with an electronic signature.

Sworn translations cannot be returned or reimbursed. In the event of a defect or an error in the translation, the company will send a new translation to the customer within 48 hours, doing so at the company’s expense.

To avoid this happening, the company will send a draft to the customer, who must approve the draft before proceeding with shipment. In the event that the customer has approved the translation and subsequently detects an error in the document, it will be the customer who must bear the courier costs – unless the mistake cannot be attributed to the customer. Once the work has been paid for, the customer may request the order’s cancellation for up to one hour after its formalization. The customer must notify the company of the desire to cancel the order, doing so in writing to the company’s email. All amounts paid will be returned. In the event that more time has elapsed and the translation has already been done when notification occurs, the amount paid will not be returned and the translation will be sent. If the translator has not yet started to do the translation, all amounts paid will be returned regardless of the time elapsed from the time the order was placed to when notification of cancellation was made.