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What is the difference between translation and interpreting services?
Tranlations and interpreting services are commonly misunderstood since they come from the same field. However, they are indeed different professions: translators work writing any kind of documents, interpreters work orally.
How can I get a translation with the best quality?
In order to get a quality text, it is important to give our staff enough time to do a lot of research on the topics. Thus, the result is much better.
Why is a sworn translation special? Why are they more expensive?
Sworn translations are usually needed in business and law procedures. The sworn translator will certify by his/her sign and personal stamp any information. Therefore, these translators take responsibilities for the faithfulness of the text. These responsibilities are reflected in their rates.
My assistant is trilingual. Do I need a professional?
What characterizes a good translator is the command of the linguistic features in each text, rather than the number of languages he can speak.
I have got a good computer and a good program for translations.
Is it enough?
A great step forward in the field of new technologies are the latest computer programs and other modern devices. However, no computer can do the job of a translator for they cannot understand the nuances that underlie all languages.
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